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Will it Always be this Hard? How to Surrender

a mindful poem inspired by nature

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I wanted to add a warm sprinkle of stillness and calm to the start of your busy week.

I hope you have been enjoying and benefiting from my Guided Meditations. I also post those every week on my YouTube Channel.

But I’ve often wondered how I can share the rest of the wisdom, insights, messages that the horses and I have to share that don’t fit within the confines of a sitting meditation practice.

Sometimes you just need that little dose of inspiration as you’re moving through your day. This is what I hope to bring you with these weekly meditative musings. This is a new concept for me so, as per usual, it will be a bit messy and wobbly as I play around with it.

This is just the very beginning of our Wild Stillness journey - I am so happy to be on it with you and excited to see what unfolds as we move forward.

Come into the wild with me and remember the wild within you.

much love,



Will it always be like this??
We ask ourselves in hard times. 
The mind is convinced it will. 
It doesn’t trust what it can’t see.
But nature knows. 
It feels beyond what is seen. 
It doesn’t need evidence. 
It doesn’t need things to look a certain way.
It is not swayed by “what’s happening right now” like we are.
It is not attached to what seems to be happening right now might mean. 
It knows a truth that runs much deeper than appearances. 
It knows that underneath life, runs the current of eventually.
Eventually the rain stops.
Eventually the mud dries up.
Eventually the dark skies open up.
Eventually the wind dies down. 
The storm always ends.
Eventually, chaos returns to calm.
Whatever you’re going through, 
Trust, like nature does,
That it won’t always be like this. 
Because everything always comes to an end,
Wild Stillness
Mindful Poems
Mindful poems
Carolyn Creed