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Manifest Anything. But you need to do this first.

Get Out of Your Head and Manifest Miracles - Mindfulness Guided Meditation

There is a secret when it comes to getting everything you want.

And that is....

Stop trying to get it!

Say whaa?? You may be asking. 🤔

But how will I ever have it if I don't go out and get it??

Well, the key is, there is something very important that comes before the getting and the having of everything we could ever desire.

And that is the feeling of it. We have to generate the feeling first.

This means we have to turn off that loud machine that always gets in the way of feeling. It means we need to get out of our heads and meditate more!

I haven't been sharing many meditations with you lately, but I'm excited to bring them back into the fold in a NEW way!

(And this beauty has something to do with it!)

This little ditty below will help you feel into the energy of having everything you could ever want. It will help you feel that anything is truly possible, even if your mind tells you otherwise.

Have a, actually, it's a watch first then listen kinda thing

As always, meet me in the comments and let me know what came up for you!

much love,

Carolyn 💞

Wild Stillness
Weekly guided meditations inspired by horses and nature, inviting you to get still and return to your True and Wild Self. Horses remind us that we too are a part of nature - something that is all too easy to forget in our nonstop-never enough-always on lives. My hope is that this channel will support you with slowing down & waking up. Deep within the stillness, may you come home to your wildness.