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Self Love is a Bunch of Hogwash. Unless it Includes This...

Embrace Self Love – Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Self love isn’t just about loving who you are. That’s the straightforward part.

It gets way more complicated when we start looking at who we are not.

When we start recognizing that we are not always nice. That we don’t always have it all together. That we are not always motivated and productive and easy to be around.

Do you love your ugly parts? The tucked into the corner parts that you’d rather no one see…..?

Do you love the part that snaps back at those you love because you are frustrated and stressed? Do you love the part that is irritated and offended when you feel slighted or ignored by those around you?

Do you love the part of you that messes up continually, that holds on tightly, that regrets deeply, that judges harshly, that acts foolishly despite knowing better.

Do you love that self??

Well, Ace is here this week to hold space for the parts of you that feel un-loveable.

Ace invites us to explore, without judgment, the parts of ourselves we’d rather not share and the parts of our journey we’d rather forget. Ace calls us to open the door to our shadow parts and to do so with love and tenderness.

Ace reassures us that our darkness, our shadow parts, are always deserving of letting the healing light of love in. It’s simply a matter of letting it in and simply a matter of letting go of what no longer serves you.

Simple, but never easy. This is the deep work of true Self Love. And this meditation is designed to support you with going deeper into your darkness, because the more light you can let in the more light you can shine on everyone around you. 🌟

And then meet me in the comments and let me know what came up for you.

much love,

Carolyn 💞

Wild Stillness
Weekly guided meditations inspired by horses and nature, inviting you to get still and return to your True and Wild Self. Horses remind us that we too are a part of nature - something that is all too easy to forget in our nonstop-never enough-always on lives. My hope is that this channel will support you with slowing down & waking up. Deep within the stillness, may you come home to your wildness.