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This came at the perfect time. A healing message from the horses.

Release the Past with Mindfulness Guided Meditation

Wouldn’t it be great to know, like really really know, that there’s absolutely nothing to fear about your future and nothing to regret about your past?

To know in the center of your soul that everything up until this moment has unfolded perfectly and that everything will continue to unfold perfectly as you move forward each day, into each month, year after year?

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?! What with our continual wishing that things had gone differently and our worries about figuring things out and making the “right” decisions, the belief that everything is working out for us can feel too impossible of a leap.

But we don’t need to leap – instead, we need to stay right where we are and sink deeper and deeper into the present moment.

The present moment is the balm that heals the past and brightens the future.

It’s like a magic eraser and a magic wand all in one! Erasing the regret, hurt and judgment we may be carrying from our past, while simultaneously granting our wishes for the future!

It’s like you just can’t get it wrong! What kind of a sigh of relief would you let out if this could be true for you??

Well it can be true, and this week’s meditation will help you feel into this trust that nothing ever went wrong and things will always go right.

The energy of the Three Horses are infused within this guided meditation as they invite you to sit with the 3 parts of your journey that are always with you – your past, present and future.

Some past pains and future doubts have been brewing with me lately. The message and wisdom infused in this meditation came directly from the horses and provided a massive support when I needed it the most. I truly hope it may serve you in the same way!

Let me know in the comments what came through for you!

From my heart to yours,

Carolyn 💞

Wild Stillness
Weekly guided meditations inspired by horses and nature, inviting you to get still and return to your True and Wild Self. Horses remind us that we too are a part of nature - something that is all too easy to forget in our nonstop-never enough-always on lives. My hope is that this channel will support you with slowing down & waking up. Deep within the stillness, may you come home to your wildness.